student driver

the plan was to not post anything about this until it was completely finished, but i'm so happy with how it's coming out that i felt a post of sketches was in order. other reasons included not having posted for weeks, being generally bored and a night owl, an uncontrollable addiction to scanning images, etc.

and, as always, items of (slight) interest:
1. the first page is the lone inked page because its been done since february--the intention was to have it ready for comic-con, but then i ran out of both time and $$$
2. yeah, i stole the panel with the key going in the ignition for 'may & her dog', i don't think it really makes a difference but i just wanted to get that out there so you don't hear any crazy rumors or anything

the new plan is to have a bunch of smaller printed versions of these ready for the MoCCA festival in june. there are also a dozen other things i'm hoping to finish during this hellstorm of a busy month, and yet i'm sure i'll still find time to stand on line for 3 hours for my free KFC chicken dinner. (while supplies last)

more posts eventually


kelsey said...

you have great handwriting!

it looks awesome, cant wait to see it finished.

shao said...

thanks! 5000000 years later..