bottles & james

at long last, though it's been done for quite some time, i was able to get off my relatively fat ass (relative, to say, a poodle's) and take some pictures.

quickly, and poorly, and with little thought. i really just wanted to post this since i haven't been doing much of that lately.


this is a birthday gift for our friend and fellow (at least, in theory) collective member alex. it's about 5 months late. sorry about that, alex.

a second printing is in the works, i want to switch up the colors and get the text to show up more... but as for now, i'm satisfied.

in related news, some of us no longer have an internet to speak of. it's kind of like being stranded on a desert island. as i write this i perch my computer on top of the windowsill to maybe sorta kinda get reception from "some place" across the street. the reason i bring this is up is because i have a pretty good vantage point of the intersection and this van just drove by with like 10 mattresses tied to the top

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