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Natural History Repeats Itself

I recently had the pleasure of spending a day in the Museum of Natural History with my dear friend, facebook spouse and roommate Lina. We spent most of our time talking in funny accents in the Hall of Human Origins and pretending to be appalled creationists, but we did find time to do a drawing or two. The tourists really get a kick out of it.

Here are some GIANT gems/minerals (yes, I realize I would know the difference if I had paused to read anything at the exhibit). That exhibit is so sci-fi. The whole things looks like a beige carpeted jewelry store at a SPACE STATION.



And here are some elephants, generously provided for us by our 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt (I didn't actually check to see if Teddy himself bagged these elephants, but he was a big game hunter and there's a statue of him out front, so you do the math).

Can you even imagine how the nation would react if Barack Obama had shot and killed even one elephant?



I just watched Crumb for the first time this week, and it left me with the overwhelming desire to cross-hatch.

But also these drawings are from before then. My bedroom window looks out onto what used to be Ebbits Field and is now a wasteland of fast food franchises and awkwardly place, random trees growing from the sidewalk.


We're always working here at the Blue Chair Collective, even if we aren't that into updating our blog. Above, we see a get well card I made for my Aunt Laura, whose wrist looks like this:

If you have an aunt who is also named Laura and she also has a broken wrist and your name is also Clementine, feel free to use this card.


Hey Blue Chairs.

A few months ago I posted the rejected design for Night For The Fight, a fund raiser for Lupus. The final, approved design has just started circulating. If you are a young professional with some extra bucks for a good cause, you can buy tickets here


purple chair collective

hey guys.

i went to icon6 this year!
it was expensive and far away but SO worth it. lets all go to the next one together, k?

i drew this in a very jetlagged state at o'hare.
crayons are awesome tools.


happenings afoot

Hello, Blue Chairs! My time a Grey Advertising is coming to a close and I'm embarking on a major portfolio overhaul.

first order of business, make some fancy seed packet designs for the urb garden project from over a year ago.

Now to get to work on... everything else I need to do.



so I'm REALLY going to start updating... here's two recent sketchbook things, inspired by an acquaintance from high school and an article about legalization of marijuana in CA. TO COME: wedding details, book covers, and more sketches, promise :)


newer things

they're newer!

i may add to this later..


flash delirium

Oh hey guys,
so posting on the blog.... yeah.
Let me tell you about the only remotely interesting design thing I've done all year.

As all of us who watched the TV show House thought lupus was a completely fictional disease, I know. But it's real and it's pretty awful and my friend Becky is very involved in raising funds for research.

Balls, I should have a link to like her fund raising page or something... oh well.

Anyway, I'm donating my time (copious) and talents (limited) to the cause by designing some invitations.

I submitted two designs. She said they really liked the first one, and we're going to keep working forward with that one. She did not comment on the second design -pictured below. heh.

In retrospect, the sci-fi paperback look might not have been entirely appropriate for a fundraiser for a deadly disease. But I had to get it out of my system.