flash delirium

Oh hey guys,
so posting on the blog.... yeah.
Let me tell you about the only remotely interesting design thing I've done all year.

As all of us who watched the TV show House thought lupus was a completely fictional disease, I know. But it's real and it's pretty awful and my friend Becky is very involved in raising funds for research.

Balls, I should have a link to like her fund raising page or something... oh well.

Anyway, I'm donating my time (copious) and talents (limited) to the cause by designing some invitations.

I submitted two designs. She said they really liked the first one, and we're going to keep working forward with that one. She did not comment on the second design -pictured below. heh.

In retrospect, the sci-fi paperback look might not have been entirely appropriate for a fundraiser for a deadly disease. But I had to get it out of my system.

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