oh my god finally

it may have appeared for a moment that i was dead or stranded on a desert island or something badass like that, but i was actually just going about my normal ways, except this time without a scanner. well, the time has finally come where i've gotten my shit together and scanned a whole mess of work i've done over the past month or something. what this means: new soyarmy soon, and a bunch of blog posts strategically spaced out over specific intervals of time. i'm excited. are you excited? it's cool, i'll give you a moment to let it sink in.

the first of these posts will be a comic that i previously posted sketches for. i tried a few new things like drawing it over the sketch on a light table, which was too small for the page and had to be done in sections. quite annoying, but i am a master of composure.

this one's a good ol' driving-lesson-gone-bank-heist type of story. enjoy :)

also posted to pony up

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