we've been without internet for some time and we've been without a scanner for some time also. logically, this has led to much less posting and through that, this blog sat in silence for a length of time, facing the corner, thinking about what it's done. i hope you've learned a valuable lesson, blog. and we only do it because we love you.

let us celebrate with a posting of my submission to smoke signal #2.
this is an idea that was getting kicked around back in april, when i was not nearly comfortable enough taking a stab at a conversational, character-based comic. well, there's a sort-of-first time for everything, i guess. this is also the first time (in a very long time) i've ever laid something out in a very tight grid like this, which works a lot better for something as text-heavy as this turned out to be. i can't think of much else to say except thank god i was able to draw a cartoon spider convincingly.

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