our time living here along bustling, scenic myrtle avenue is coming, at last, to its close. no longer shall we wake collectively (no pun) to heavy traffic congestion, a choice selection of random people yelling at some other people on the payphone across the street, school children engaged in age-old pastimes such as "screaming contest" while waiting for the bus, and the 8ish-year-old friend of our neighbor's 8ish-year-old son yelling for him outside his window until he gets a response or coughs heavily and dies.

though if you want to get technical, that last one really only happened on saturday mornings, which should translate at about 1:30pm for some of us.

here are some "recent" drawings.

left: a doodle, last thing i drew for weeks
right: character based on some soccer team i saw playing

left: inside sort of thing about a job i won't have much longer
right: herpy derp

until next time

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Lauriela nd Sophia said...

hi rich
this is laura and monica ur cousins hehe > we're disguised as lauriela and sophia< anywho check out our blog