snow day

is it obnoxious to post the same thing in my own blog and this one?

it has been gently snowing outside all day & class is canceled. this makes for excellent working weather. so i cleaned up a little bit of my apartment and organized my art to enter the ai/ap contest.

i don't really like the idea of contests and competition regarding art. i understand that it may motivate some artists and that the concept has been around for ages, but it just doesn't appeal to me at all. there are enough outlets and visual space for everyone's art in this world (without adding competition), just not enough money. if you are making art and other people love it, that is enough of a reward. unfortunately, this is 2009 and all of us need money to survive. otherwise i'd be living on a farm with other artists, living off the land and showing art downtown with no intentions of monetary profit. just to share.

that is my spiel. this is what i entered, some new & old. these are all for various assignments, if you have any questions on the nature of them i will do my best to explain via the comment box. i seriously doubt i have any chance of getting in, mostly because my work varies a lot and i'm still developing "my style". but it's good practice i guess.


betty machete said...

i dont think its obnoxious, cross-post as much as you want!

shao said...

post everything, everywhere! that's what we all do already.

i agree on competitions, especially this idea that a lot of new artists have that if they don't make the cut for one, it's all over for them. for as many artists as it motivates it could also end up demotivating some too. also, making them go broke with installation/publishing fees.

Terin said...

I love the diving girls!