push it along

sketches for upcoming static fish thing that i'm about to get some serious inking time with

developing a whole lot better than i could have planned it, and i'm really excited to finish it.

more posts soon as i continue to tackle this laundry list of projects that i've been nursing for months, like so many creative eggs. fragile, yet delicious, when cooked properly. i believe that accurately describes my work.


muba said...

uah¡ your sketch are very expressive, really funny.
nice blog too. only a question; the members are friends, people of the same city..¿

Sally Tempo said...

the whole thing is exciting and awesome and great, but my favorite part is the action bubble under the dog that said 'notice'

shao said...


the blue chair collective is friends and, for now, people of the same city

sally: i wanted to make it indisputably clear that the dog was in the process of noticing something