two project from last semester that i finally finished tonight while i was stuck in the perfect storm of literally nothing else to do (working the graveyard shift in the computer lab during spring break and the internet was down). A Tree of Night is a collection of Truman Capote's early stories inspired by childhood anxieties. The vignettes on the toile each representation of one of the stories. The painting on SeLeCTeD POeMS is inspired by the the little horse is newlY and the type/ornamentation is supposed to reference the leather bound poetry volumes of yore.

next up, hastily-scribbled, chocolate-smeared drawings from belgium!

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kelsey said...

ah, i really love the imagery for both of these. i remember when we brought work in for jordins-- i was blown away by that horse cover. i think you need equally subtle type for the title of the horse one (i love ee cummings too!). maybe its just the brainwashed purist in me, but i think it would look sweet with like white helvetica all caps or something. what do you think?