hold the phone

Okay so I wanted to refrain from complaining in here but...
1. there is such a thing as TypeCon!!! how and WHY did i not know about this??? what a wonderful and amazing and wild-pony-dream-like event!
2. TypeCon2008 WAS HELD IN BUFFALO (my hometown for the like, 2 people that happen upon this or those who didn't know that)
3. student tickets were $165 as opposed to $320
4. oh, and stefan sagmeister spoke.

negative aspect is that is was still over 150 bucks, which is lame because i wholeheartedly believe art students should be allowed free admission to museums, speaker series and related events... but yeah. also it took place either when i was in tennassee or getting ready for the hamptons show with scope but REGARDLESS- it would have been nice to know about.

the next one is in atlanta- so if you happen to be around there this summer, are a type nerd, and have an extra couple hundred to spare, have a great time! send me a postcard, i'll be slaving away here.

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