I just finished Dune. What a great book. Wish I'd read it way earlier. It's about all my favorite things. The more I read science fiction, the more I think about Quarace. I stopped working on Quarace because my ultimate aim for the project, the story of a great war, seemed dangerous to me. The way I wanted to tell the story only served to aestheticize war and politics ("Po-tee-weet?") which we all know is inherently a fascist pleasure. I am not a fascist.

The world of Quarace, though, is something I've contemplated since I was a freshman in high school. Ideas like that don't just go away, and to me Quarace is a real place that I've taken on the responsibility of illustrating. I think there are a great deal of stories that can happen there, between the conflicting interests of the local governments, rebels, AQR executives, Jastins, and any other latent factions on that world. Love, hate, and redemption are all happening there.

So eventually I'll start working on it again, probably after graduation, or at least after my thesis films are finished in April.

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