a post is born

it's been a long time
shouldn't have left you
without a, uh..
nice picture to look at

here are some character sketches i've done and never uploaded. there's still one left that i haven't scanned in yet, and... yeah, i guess i'll get to that soon enough.

i was planning on using these for some type of comic experiment, but whatever clouded mess of a story i've got in the mental pipeline needs serious work. i'm not really into comics that don't go anywhere, story-wise; i always feel like it could at least use some sort of narrative element. so i'm either going to do that soon or i'll continue to disguise my procrastination as a struggle to establish a good story.

yeah, so anyway, 2 weekends ago was spent locked up in the print studio making a gift for a special someone. also, i managed to get a really good scan of it:

the joker was cut out of ruby lith, and it hurt my hand very much to do so. on a related note, i was out of practice and very few of them came out correct. :\

hey, since i seem to be going in a chronological order here, this small crappy thing was done the other night:

what else did i miss? currently, i'm working on a 5-color print that's pretty much side profiles of the bcc itself. it's got this a hard day's night thing going for it, i guess, but mostly i just need to occupy myself and i consider it good practice.

i've also added a majority of my (good) sketches to my website. i'm also considering doing another run of the penguin; the remaining editions i had sold very quickly at a recent print sale. speaking of that thing that i was just talking about, it was also juried into the 'uncomissioned' category of the society of illustrators 51st annual. :o

more pictures and talking about pictures soon, everyone.. i promise

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Lily said...

um, this is so cute.