a challenger appears

shao has been busy. busy the way bees get when they listen to marvin gaye. that's pretty goddamn busy.

here's a little recap of what i've been doing lately:

1. curious pictures asked for the final ink of the design i've been working on. i took a few pictures to document my process, because it's just so terribly interesting, and not only does it carefully and methodically exploit where i make some pretty horrible mistakes, but it's also a subtle peek into my ongoing battle with insomnia. keep reading and i'll explain, friends.

pencils at around 10pm

that shiny spot up at the top is the sun rising at around 8am the next morning. you can't see me, but imagine a recovering alcoholic who's just been run over by a bus driven by stampeding wildebeests. it was worse than that.

after a few last minute changes discussed in a last minute meeting, this is the final product that was submitted for approval (by the midnight society). note that the letters are much more visible than before and there is a severe absence of electricity pulsing from the guitar hero atop 440 lafayette. had i the time, there were still a few small, minute details i would have liked to have perfected, but the world of drawing stuff for money moves so much faster than you could ever imagine.

don't look now, but there it goes. wow.

2. The L Magazine, Brooklyn's favorite free tiny magazine in an orange stand, held a call for entries to their 2nd annual comic issue. i never got a response to the "how many pages can this be" question that i emailed them, so i stuck with doing one full page.

and here is that one full page that i did.

this may or may not be based on a true story. whose to say? you certainly were not there, so you have no room to talk. it will forever remain a mystery, and i hope for your sake that pondering this doesn't eventually plunge your mind into a maelstrom of unhappiness and bad dreams and freudian slips. and forgetting people's phone numbers. and calling your best friend by your other best friend's name -- that's the worst.

on a related note, i really enjoy our roof and the view from our roof. moving on.

3. this is a collection of things currently in progress -- soy army is in full effect; i'm keeping up with a monday morning update schedule (save for this week for reasons which i'll explain shortly) and i'm trying to expand and eventually break free of any conventional ideas i had in mind for this strip. 4 panels are cool, but i like doing stuff like this a lot more:

note: this will not make sense because the actual punchline has yet to be added. additionally, i've got tons of ideas to work with now, so that ensures that i won't slack off on this comic for at least another 2 months. maybe.

the society of illustrators 51 deadline is also quickly approaching (it's friday and not wednesday like i originally thought, which is why that comic remains unfinished), and i'm trying to do a new silkscreen that i might make a small number of, depending on how it comes out. more on that soon, even if it doesn't get finished in time to be submitted. on top of that, i also have yet to completely finish my postcards.. it would be kind of pointless to post images of that if i have no real idea of when it's going to get done.

tomorrow's the day to make your political preference known! get up real close to uncle sam's ear and yell as hard as you can, si, se puede!


betty machete said...

i just noticed the blue chairs in the background of the L comic...nice.

ps the word verification below that i got to type was 'poppiati' which i almost lol'd at. just thought i'd share.

Mr. B said...

yeah! this is awesome!