We all know that meat is murder, i.e. there is no way to eat meat without, on some level, pwning an animal. Also, there's a factory farming industry. But anyway, the whole meat-eating issue is somewhat like the abortion issue- whether or not you can live with it.
So if you're against murder and therefore do not eat meat (and you had better not support the death penalty, either) there's a fundamental problem: there are other animals perfectly fine with eating you, dear reader. What are you going to do when you're in the middle of the jungle and then WHAM there's a tiger on you? If I were you, I would kill it and then eat it, which brings me to my point.
How about a diet where eating meat is allowed, but only the meat of carnivorous animals? For instance, it should be perfectly okay to eat shark or tiger meat. A bull or elephant certainly might kill me if provoked, but would never eat me- off limits.
And besides, you'd be the coolest kid on the block. Why offer $1 PBR like everyone else when you could offer shark burgers AND $1 PBR?
The problem, though, with a diet of lions, tigers, and bears comes back to that same issue- murder. Many of the world's carnivores are highly endangered (we killed them already, presumably without eating them. Oh my!) and eating them would mean killing them, which is certainly illegal.
I've got it! We could factory-farm grizzly bears. Anyone interested?


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What kind of hat do you get to wear at a grizzly bear farm?