failgate '08

a comprehensive evaulation of last thursday's vice presidential debate:

it would have been uploaded sooner, but i didn't create the biden-bird until the next day. on the train. and.. you know how that goes. inking on the train, that is. (and if you don't know how it goes, i'll tell you: very shaky and very slowly.)

now that you're 2% smarter than you were five seconds ago, thanks to me, go out and spread your knowledge with others. be careful who you share it with.

serious time: i'm working on the postcards, of which i have photos, as well as some character doodles. our resident wild pony also has some pictures of things she has been working on. stay tuned-ish!


Andrea said...

love, love, love it!

betty machete said...

why is there a triangle in biden's speech bubble?