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woo woo

here are some proactive paradigm-shifting power moves that i'm currently revolutionizing outside the box.

1. designing shirts is the current full-time deal. time to put the pen to work!

currently, the aim for the fall line of clothables is being green, in accordance with the contemporary tastes of the public, who also enjoy being 'green' (or are really proud of themselves for being green.) the point is, i'm opting to do most of this stuff by hand now because i'm realizing i don't have the finesse with vectoring (from scratch) that i do with a pencil or pen. i can definitely hack it, but why bother? the shortest distance between two points is an awesomely zig-zagged line.

so, more or less, the first completed design was done start to finish in illustrator, going against what i just said but with good reason -- i'm not hip to tracing cloud patterns and continental shapes on paper.

2. i've been in touch with/visiting curious pictures a lot -- that place is like a fucking garden of gumdrops and sugarcane populated by almost inhumanly friendly people -- and they've asked me to harness the spectacular strength of my brainthoughts and imaginings into a t-shirt design, not unlike the matt & kim building shirt-wait-now-it's-a-sticker-wait-now-it's-a-poster-wait-now-it's-not-anything that i made a while ago. i had a lot of fun doing that, so i'm really eager to get the gears turning on this one before i have a chance to procrastinate (moreso)

above is the pencil rough we're going with, sans the laundry list of changes that were written down on this xerox i've conveniently folded into a square for portability reasons. damn right.

and this is an alternate idea that i would have pushed for a little more if it weren't the exact same fucking angle as the matt & kim design. also, shadows that are different shapes than the things they are shadows of is lame and i need to stop doing it.

uh, that's all.

and yes, this will serve as my worklog until i get a wordpress page working on my site.. i'm not actually trying to take over this blog or anything.

(but it wouldn't hurt if anyone else posted)

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