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betty machete at the pratt coffee shop

a tree near the devil's playground that has a cctv camera bolted into it... mostly an excuse to test out some pitt markers that i bought, one of those being a superfine auburn pen (a good color for pens to come in.)

reactions so far: easy to draw with, very smooth line and super-black, doesn't really bleed too much and doesn't fade when erasing the pencil sketch... but i still don't know what the fuss is about. i mean, the brush pen -- which was employed heavily in this sketch -- is actually very nice (and a step up from that tombo brush pen i always used, for whatever reason), but i still don't think the regular pens are anything to write home about. micron may be a shitty little marker but it gets the job done. that, and it's the thinnest nib available (without resorting to the rapidograph .13 which, aside from breaking way too easily -- i've purchased two and both have been clogged/unusable right out of the box -- bleeds through moleskine pages like chicken grease on a napkin.

sorry, it's late. the analogy express is now running on the fail line, making all local stops to you're doing it wrong.

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Lily said...

I like your drawings. Especially the one of Kay.

From: Lily