adventures in type, pt. 2 or 3 or something

some scans of a loosely type-related thing i did at work... for a banner ad no more than 300px tall, but still worth my efforts nonetheless.

this is the lineart. obviously. the pre-existing ad featured a lot of random comic style lettering and onomatopoeia and such, so i went that route and did a horror style font/bubble and one that is more of an action/superhero font. i guess.

the first color palette, which soon gave way to...

...this color palette. by far my favorite - it definitely has more of an 'edge' to it. as a slight p.s., i ended up breaking up a lot of the black lines with some more tweaking, but since i like this better, that's all you're gonna get.

on the independent tip, i'm starting some larger black and white pieces again, since i went the entire summer without doing one. and, sooner than later, i'm going to get a soy army finished. i hope.

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