No matter which candidate wins this year's upcoming election, they will be of infinitely higher caliber than George W. Bush. Bush's flagrant arrogance and inarticulate public appearances have alienated other nations. When presented with challenges, Bush and his cabinet have failed at every turn.
Bush is not an evil man, although I wish I could speak as kindly for those working directly under him. When briefed on the probable failure of levees protecting New Orleans on the eve of Hurricane Katrina's landfall, he only sat in his chair instead of preparing for catastrophe. When planning war in the Middle East, he anticipated Arab complicity. When handed an immense budget surplus, he fought to reward those who could benefit the least. Before taking office, Bush's two trips to Mexico comprised his only experience outside of the United States.
His sin is that of ignorance. Due to his insular upbringing, he has not the eyes to see the needs of others, much less address these needs. His ignorance has led him to commit the crimes of perjury, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.
These crimes are self-evident.
And what will happen to George Bush once he leaves office? He'll likely return to his ranch in Texas to enjoy a splendid retirement as most former presidents do. Does he deserve such luxury? A relaxing retirement in a country whose needs he blatantly neglected in the face of adversity? If a child is disrespectful to his grandmother, should he be rewarded with candy?
George Bush does not deserve to spend the rest of his days enjoying this country's luxuries, since he has so neglected its immediate needs. He deserves to be punished, in accordance with the degree of ignorance and slothfulness he displayed while serving a position of the utmost responsibility.
He should be banished from our country upon the inauguration of his successor- made to leave our country forevermore, with his citizenship and passport made null and void. Since he barely left his home country before becoming its president, all of his days after his presidency will be spent as a fugitive. His face is known around the world. Wherever he goes, he will be a scourge. What supervisor will hire him? What landlord will rent to him? And what government would be willing to embarrass itself by giving him shelter? Where he once was able to open doors by his father's name, now his own name will close them.
Only when repeatedly denied, due to the poor choices he has made, the right to the basic happiness and freedoms he has unknowingly fought to take away from so many people, will he understand. He will understand that there was only one nation which would tolerate his existence, and this nation had cast him away. While he was once surrounded by the elite, he will find himself alone.
Trial and imprisonment would grant him a bed and shelter by default. He is undeserving of these things.

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