lundun, innit?

London kicks ass and central saint martin's is a great school. i am so very excited to start work here. it's tragic that i can only work here for ten weeks. Not sure what else to say about it... it's good. it's all good.

but i fried the power adapter for my speakers.

one of my housemates is a zeppelin fanatic and plays drums- cool!

grocery stores are open till midnight or later

i've been writing a lot about that space opera idea and soon i'll have something semi-coherent to post about it, probably starting with a basic description of this planet itself and its native inhabitants. really getting into this stuff would probably take a number of years so i think i'm going to touch on all subjects lightly at first and then gradually go into greater detail. you know, general to specific.

over and out.


betty machete said...

hey baron, how about you start a solo blog for the space opera? you can link to it on here (assuming that we... eventually.... get readers that aren't us four)

baron von zeppelin said...

maybe I'll branch off later and see how it goes... for now I'm just posting on here.

baron von zeppelin said...

oh, and I got stopped by some film people whilst on a cigarette break- i'm auditioning for a TV commercial on Friday.

I would like to be... an actor! *giggle*

Sally Tempo said...

it would be so boss if you had a cult following in england but nobody had heard of you hear. no no, a GAY cult following. that's the best kind. do you have like, the best looking teeth of anyone you know over there?

baron von zeppelin said...

wtf mate