merry christmas

Okay- I originally wrote a really big rant, but it's not appropriate.

I am sick of my sister making snarky comments anytime anyone mentions something about the internet or electricity. My sister thinks that skepticism and wisdom go hand in hand, which means that she'll say anything until she finds another person saying the same thing. While I spend my time busting my ass in an attempt to become an active member of society, she sits around on the San Juan islands smoking pot and passing judgement on the outside world, including myself. It's impossible to mention anything about the internet or anything else involving modern culture without her piping in with some self-riteous comment designed to assert herself as being totally above everyone else just because she lives in seclusion surrounded by other narrow-minded potheads. Yeah, Sarah, that's gotta be it, I'm a real moron for using an iPod, aren't I? Yeah, I'm really killing my mind, right? She owns a portable CD player and a pair of headphones, which for some reason is way more sophisticated. Shh.

More importantly, she constantly implies her low opinions of my best friend Max, who has pulled himself up by his bootstraps since way before graduation and works harder than she or I can FATHOM.

A person like her has no place passing judgement on a person like me. My parents, however, feel that I should keep my mouth shut and just let her keep making these judgmental comments.

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Sally Tempo said...

my dad has that sister. we don't talk to her anymore.