"you know, you look like..."

So, throughout my life, particularly since I've started college, I've had people telling me that I look like famous people. It started when I was twelve, and Jordan Kuester's brother told me that I looked like Jeff Goldblum. (While I'm at it, I should mention that Colin is a self-riteous, bush-loving tool. I don't like him, and never have.) I don't look like Jeff Goldblum, but I suppose because I have a dark complexion it qualifies me. Is it really that uncommon to have black hair or something?

Anyway, here's the list, before thanksgiving '07:

Jeff Goldblum
Syd Barrett
Cat Stevens
Fab Morietti
Marc Bolan
Devendra Banhart
Bob Dylan (I'm not going to argue)
"The Ramones" (wtf)

Today, whilst visiting Clementine for thanksgiving, I have been told that I resemble the unfavorable ex-uncle George, the lead singer for Counting Crows, and Jesus.

"Have you heard of Counting Crows?"
"They were in the late nineties. They're great."
"Really? That's fantastic."

I hate Counting Crows. I am also quite judgemental. Good thing I've been remembering to stand up when a woman walks into the room and remembered to change my shirt once the festivities got underway.

UPDATE! I apparently also resemble Jesus Christ, and it's only five o'clock.

Someone get me some more red wine.

over and out.

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betty machete said...

okay i can see some of those... but bob dylan? eh...